Terms and Conditions


The contract stipulated between the parties (Palazzo Aldobrandini del Papa, hereafter PADP, and the client), is personal and cannot be passed to third parties without the prior authorization of PADP.

The minimum term in which to make a booking is 40 days prior to the beginning of the stay. The client will receive by e-mail a booking form in which to indicate the names of those who will stay. The client must fill out the form and return it within 7 days together with the receipt for an advance payment of the sum of 30% of the rent. Failure to make the payment within the required period will be taken as withdrawal from the booking.

3.Payment of balance
The closing date for the payment of the balance is 15 days prior to the beginning of the stay.

The Period PADP wishes to remind you that your stay takes place in a historic private residence that enhances the architectural and cultural heritage of Florence. We are certain that you will take every care in helping us to maintain this situation in order that it can passed on to future generations.
In consideration of the fact that the behaviour of guests is uncertain, our intention is to assure all who stay here with the maximum of security and protection, guaranteeing full satisfaction.

5.Deposit and Insurance
On arrival, the client is required to pay 1000 euro (one thousand) as a guarantee; the sum will be returned on departure, less any deductions made for damage to house and furnishings. In the interests of the client, we require that clients stipulate an insurance policy sufficient to cover eventual damage during the period of stay and which will be the entire responsibility of the said client.

In the event of early departure the client cannot claim a refund. The client can claim 50% of the cautionary deposit, made on initial booking (point 2 above), in the event of renunciation due to serious and documented motives.

7.Numbers of guests
The maximum number of guests who can stay at any one time in PADP is 3 (adults plus children). A larger number will result in the ending of the contract without right to any kind of repayment or compensation.

8. Tourist Tax
As from 1 January 2011, the Law n. 122/2010 has introduced a new tax called "Contributo di Soggiorno" which must be paid by people not resident in Florence who stay in hotels and similar structures in the city.
In Florence the tax is fixed at 2.50 Euro per person per day of stay, except for children under 12, who do not pay the tax.
The tax must be paid in cash on arrival.

9.Arrival, departure, cleaning
Reception at PADP is available after 4 p.m. On the day agreed for arrival. The appartment must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure. A weekly cleaning, with change of linen and courtesy products, is included in the service. Extra cleaning can be provided on request with extra charge.

10.Behaviour code, smoking, animals
Clients are expected to observe the rules of 'good neighbourliness' and avoid behaviour that will disturb other residents in the building or neighbours, such as illicit activities, detention of inflammable, corrosive or explosive materials. It is absolutely forbidden to smoke. Animals of any kind are not permitted. Any kind of commercial or industrial activity within the rented property is strictly forbidden.

11.Loss of keys, night emergencies, telephone and assistence
Loss of keys will incurr a charge of €50. In case of emergencies between 8 p.m. and 7.30 a.m., where the responsibility is not that of PADP, a one off charge of €25 will be made for telephone calls and of €50 for assistence at the appartment.

12.Equipment and possible breakdowns
The Dimora PADP is provided with equipment and accessories sufficient to meet all needs. The electrical items in the house work and are efficient; however, it is possible that these and the internet service and/or SKY are not available during your stay for technical reasons not attributable to PADP. In particular, during the high summer season, when it is sometimes difficult to find technicians or shops that sell electronics, we ask for the maximum collaboration and understanding for eventual delays in the repairs or replacements that will be made in the shortest possible time.

Any complaints must be notified to PADP within 24 hours of arrival. After that time or without the explicit authorization of the proprietor, clients who leave the appartment early will lose any right to repayment of rent not utilized. Any breakdowns must be notified immediatly and will be repaired as soon as possible. Any complaints against PADP made either at the end of the stay or after departure will not be taken into consideration.

Should a dispute arise as a result of the execution of the contract, the client and the proprietor, by common agreement, commit themselves to respect the findings of the Foro del Tribunale or the Justice of the Peace competent for the territory.

15.Clauses and acceptance
The above clauses must all be read and all accepted by the client in their entirity; the client must agree to sign and return a copy of the clauses.