Structure and photographs

Entrance hall (12 square meters)

Large entry hall with cloakroom. Contains a collection of walking sticks of various periods. A bookshelf containing art books (paintings, sculpture, general books on the history of art) is at the disposition of guests interested in these subjects.
The back wall is covered by a tapestry from the sixteenth century.

piantina ingresso

Living room (60 square meters)

A very large room, which looks directly towards the Medici Chapels, is decorated with frescos of the allegory 'of music' and contains a balcony (not accessible) for the musicians who used to delight the evening dances in the Palazzo. It is furnished with two large 3 person divans, armchairs and other chairs and can accommodate up to 15 people at the same time.
A collection of art books (paintings, sculpture, general books on the history of art) is at the disposition of guests interested in these subjects.

piantina salone

Gallery (23 square meters)

A corridor that connects the living room with the rest of the house, with the walls and ceiling completely decorated with frescos depicting vegetation and other designs. Among the designs one can see the coat of arms of the Aldobrandini family. The corridor was the 'winter garden' of the piano nobile where people met to drink tea or enjoy a quiet read. It is furnished with small divans and seats and also contains a well-stocked bookshelf of books on art.

piantina galleria

Blue room (8 square meters)

A small room with a large window that looks onto the internal courtyard of the Palazzo. It is adorned with a delightful frescoed ceiling, with floral and lace designs. It is furnished for use as a study or, if need be, as an extra bedroom for a child or a servant. It contains of single sofa-bed, a desk, and a chest of drawers in the style of the Empire.

piantina studiolo

Dining room (50 square meters)

A large dining room that looks out onto the square. It contains a large round table (big enough for ten people), two kitchen cupboards from the seventeenth century, a chest of drawers Louis XIV, two smaller round tables for smaller lunches and dinners of 4 to 6 people. Leather chairs complete the furnishings. The walls are decorated with oil paintings from various periods. The room is lit by a large multi-coloured glass chandelier from Murano.
The dining room contains the most important fresco in the Palazzo, the 'Allegory of the Arts and the Virtues which defeat the Vices', by Vincenzo Meucci (1759)

Air conditioned.

piantina ingresso

Main bedroom (the Alcove) (47 square meters)

Large bedroom with alcove where, presumably, Pope Clement VIII slept. It is made up of a small entrance area furnished with a splendid seventeenth century chest of drawers from Piacenza, over which there is an oil painting representing a mythological scene, a large wardrobe with three partitions, a 3-person divan, and several chairs. The bedroom contains a regal antique gilded four-poster double bed. Two fine sculpted wooden kneeling stools are used as bedside tables. Other chairs, among which an antique bench, complete the furnishings.
The bedroom contains two frescoes by the school of Vincenzo Meucci: the 'Allegory of Justice and Peace' in the entrance area and 'Jacob's Dream' in the main bedroom, both by Tommaso Gherardini (1759).

Air conditioned.

Satellite television with full SKY programmes.

piantina ingresso

Main bathroom (6 square meters)

The bathroom has been totally renewed during a recent restoration. The walls are in marble, the fittings in classic white porcelain. A large shower.

piantina ingresso

Kitchen (22 square meters)

The kitchen area is modern, with 6 meters of cooking space. The work areas, each with its own extractor cowl, has been arranged in order to permit three cooks to work at the same time.

- Professional dishwasher with 2 and 3 minute programmes
- 90 cm electric oven
- Microwave oven
- Fridge
- Bread maker
- "Nespresso" coffee maker
- Filter coffee maker

- Electric lemon squeezer
- Electric Kettle
- Toaster
- Cutlery and plates
- Assorted pans
- Chopping boards and pestles
- Kitchen linen

piantina ingresso

Guest bathroom (6 square meters)

The guest bathroom has been completely renovated, with the original 'bardiglio' floor retained. The fittings are in classic white porcelain and include a bathtub with iron lion paw legs. A recess in the wall contains a large mirror illuminated by antique lamps.
There is a window.

piantina ingresso

Smaller spaces

A large cloakroom-corridor (28 square meters) that leads to the kitchen
with two large wall cupboards.

Air conditioned.


Laundry area with washing machine and dryer.

piantina ingresso


All the rooms (in total around 300 square meters) having wi-fi connection.

Where to park

- The underground car park at the railway station Santa Maria Novella (payment required)
- The private car park at the side of Palazzo Aldobrandini, in Via del Giglio (payment required). Enter the ZTL (controlled area) and, once arrived at the garage, your number plate will be communicated to the police and you will not be fined.